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Welcome to Vidyaniketan Kid's Academy

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Quality daycare

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Welcome to Vidyaniketan Kid's Academy

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Quality daycare

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Vidyaniketan Kid's Academy

Our Services

Choosing the right preschool is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. To give a child the best possible start in life, the environment must be nurturing, yet stimulating. Each child's individuality must be respected. A foundation of positive early childhood experiences will prepare the child for challenges of formal schooling...and the world beyond.

  • A neat and hygienic environment.
  • Trained soft speaking teachers.
  • Colourful classrooms.
  • Plenty of toys and block building games.
  • Playground. Flash cards to identify letters, animals, vegetables and colours.
  • Good and clean toilets.
  • Clean and filtered drinking water.
  • Restricted working hours.

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Children learn first step in preschool. The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a group.

About us

We started our journey on 5th of March 1996 and we believe that every child is unique, with infinite potential who is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood in the best possible way. Children should be valued for their individuality, culture and heritage. Stemming from the fact that every child understands and learns differently, every child is assessed individually. Rather than burdening children with tests and exams, children are observed non-intrusively and gauged on their individual developments.

To be a Preschool centre built on love, learning and discipline; conforming to the highest standards and parental expectations.

A venture, which is a serious Endeavour, that seeks to impart the right knowledge and values, and instill in every child, a sense of positivity, self-worth, curiosity and empathy; and in every parent, the trust and belief that their child is in good hands.

To give our children an upbringing of learning, solid values and opportunities of self- development by continuously establishing and upgrading teaching methods for the new age.

To nurture an environment that encourages open, regular dialogue between parents, cares and teachers that will lead to continuous improvement in facilities, interaction and learning for the children.

To create an atmosphere of nurturing, learning and fun so that every child grows up into a happy, healthy individual who welcomes life with open arms.

Certified Tutors
Small Class Size
Infant Care
Safety First

Our Activities


In this part we teach students different English words like action words, question and answers about My school and My Classroom,

Colors and Shapes, Rhymes and General knowledge.

In English writing we teach Standing line, Slanting line, Sleeping line, A,B,C –Z alphabets, Capital and small letters. Numbers 1 to 100.

Physical education

We teach Body postures,Standing,Walking,Right way of sitting Bending and jumping,Jogging,Forward and Backward,Hands up and Hands down,Simple exercises etc. Repitition of body posture, cleaning the Classroom, Tying shoes laces, Buttoning shirts, skirts etc.

Good Habits

We teaches good habits like prayer,exercises, eating food with proper manner etc


Our school has large play ground for students and many indoor games and toys for small kids.

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Malanad Educational and Welfare Association's (Reg.No F5365/THN)
Vidyniketan Kid's Academy

TMC Bldg.,Near Laxmi Park Phase-1
Vartak Nagar Thane West 400606